Strawberry Season

The sun is shining, the breeze is soft and lovely, and these are growing at my house:

Design: Goode Huswife
Pattern: Dutch Strawberries
(Stitched with 1 thread over 2 threads using recommended Needlepoint Inc. silk floss on miscellaneous 40-count linen)

Yes, they may be wrinkly and poorly lit strawberries, but they’re thriving nonetheless. Don’t you love stitching time?

7 comments so far

  1. Kathy A on

    Pretty, pretty strawberries. Stitching time is the best isn’t it?

  2. Melissa on

    Yes I love stitching time. This is a lovely piece and just right for the season in anticipation of local strawberries! Have fun.

  3. Giovanna on

    So pretty!

  4. barbara on

    LOVELY progress. This is such a wonderful design.:)

  5. lelia on

    Oh my! i had that pattern in my hand today! I bought the pattern, silk and linen awhile back + was going thru stash today.

    Yours looks great

  6. 'Chelle on

    Gorgeous! Love the colors…but then, it’s Goode Huswife…lol

  7. Brigitte on

    I dearly love this piece, it’s gorgeous, but so hard to get, sigh.

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